Word puzzles as a learning tool

"Let me tell you a riddle" — Judges 14:12

Word puzzles used in classes and seminars and in the promotion of world evangelism

Some people like to solve word puzzles as a pastime. If you do, use these as a learning tool while you are enjoying the challenge of solving them.

"A highly cited study by Robert S. Weisskirch found that students enjoyed doing crossword puzzles as a way to review the material. He states that when students identify the answers of a crossword puzzle correctly, they may experience an increase in self-confidence. This can have a ripple effect. First, entertaining study materials can increase self-motivation in students to learn and study more. Plus, educational crossword puzzles can ease the anxiety produced by other assessments. Success breeds success by convincing students of their ability.

"In [another study], researchers similarly found that students perceive themselves to be better equipped to handle concepts as a result of the crossword puzzle exercise. A 2013 study came to a similar conclusion, finding that crossword puzzles can help students improve their knowledge of vocabulary, while also increasing their motivation to learn."
    -- Kristen Seikaly

"This is a great way to learn and have fun with it." -- Richard Slusser, Nazarene Bible College student

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"I know that . . . no mystery puzzles you" -- Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar words to Daniel (Daniel 4:9, Holman Christian Standard Bible)

"It was fun and informative to complete the puzzles. I appreciate the time you spent creating the puzzles as an interesting method for learning. -- Lynda B., Nazarene Bible College student

    -- Howard Culbertson,

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