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Word Scramble 3: World Religions

Based on material about Buddhism and Native American religions in chapters 6 and 8 of Neighboring Faiths by Winfried Corduan

Challenge: Even if you do not have the book, can you unscramble these words and make sure they are matched up with the right clues?

1. uLtraoSuts

A sacred scripture which came out of Mahayana Buddhism
2. mlaaiDaaL

The spiritual leader of the largest Buddhist group in Tibet
3. raMtan

A powerful word that is chanted over and over in Buddhism
4. rlbFtTheuNrusoo

The basic ideas regarding suffering and desire which are at the heart of Buddhism
5. Maudr

The position of the hands of a Buddha statue or painting
6. isteVqiusno

The seeking of visions in Native American religion
7. ithcdsgonaGn

Five-day-long events by Native Americans in the late 1800s that brought visions, healing, supernatural powers, and contact with the dead.
8. arniavN

A non-state that literally means "blown out."
9. leEtinnhtgmen

The ultimate goal of Buddhism during which a person enters a purely spiritual state and comes to realize his place of non-self in fundamental nothingness
10. ahhatiruumdaGtdaSa

An Indian prince who abandoned a life of luxury and royal pomp to eventually become the Buddha
11. vtadahBosti

A Buddha-the-making
12. ePbohtEidahgltoflN

A rigorous life of concentrated effort that includes such things as the right view, the right intention, the right speech, the right action, and the right livelihood.
13. ramaSsa

The cycle of reincarnations in Hinduism and Buddhism
14. glovNabseae

An idea from nineteenth-century romanticism that people in culture untouched by Western civilization lived in a state of purity and innocence, in harmony with the world of spirit and nature

    -- Howard Culbertson,

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