Bible crossword puzzles — Supplementary material for the Introduction to Biblical Literature course

Additional crossword puzzles which can be completed for extra credit in the course Introduction to Biblical Literature

Working on these puzzles will increase your knowledge of the Bible and perhaps even improve your grade in this Bible class! The clues and answers are drawn from the Bible and are also found in explanatory material in the book Discovering the Bible by Alex Varughese

cover of Discovering the
"The crossword puzzle stands out from [other educational games] as a classroom tool. Crosswords have been used successfully in many different disciplines, showing their versatility and flexibility. They are also a useful tool as most people are already familiar with them, which reduces the need to explain directions, saving class time. Additionally, these puzzles are often perceived as being a recreational activity, therefore making them more enjoyable and less threatening than traditional teaching techniques."
    -- Tricia M. Davis, Brooke Shepherd, and Tara Zwiefelhofer, "Reviewing for Exams: Do Crossword Puzzles Help in the Success of Student Learning?"

Challenge: How many of these puzzles can you solve even if you do not have the book by Varughese?

"Crossword puzzles provide expansion of vocabulary, stimulate thinking capacity, boost confidence, and fasten up the learning capacity." -- Patrick Shilpa, The usefulness of crossword puzzles as a self-learning tool in pharmacology

    -- Howard Culbertson,

"This is my kind of learning! I am a hands-on learner. So, working a crossword puzzle is a much better way for me to remember things than just reading the material." -- Jennie G., Naarene Bible College student

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