Word Scramble 29 and 30: Introduction to Biblical Literature

Based on material on Hebrews through 3 John in chapters 29 and 30 of Discovering the Bible by Alex Varughese

Challenge: Can you unscramble these words and match them to the descriptions below even if you do not have the book?

_____________________________A brief New Testament book that addresses a situation of apostasy and then concludes with a beautiful doxology
_____________________________A designation for those New Testament letters which were written for an audience larger than just one particular church or person
_____________________________A New Testament writing authored by the brother of Jesus in which an emphasis on good deeds is seen as an important part of the Christian life; true faith is seen as being manifested in works
_____________________________A way in which the Bible (including 2 Peter) refers to the Second Coming of Christ
_____________________________The author of two New Testament letters, both of which include warnings about heresies and heretical teachers. The first of those letters calls on believers to live a holy life because the God who has called them is a holy God. As is the case with 2 Timothy, this writer's second letter appears to be his farewell speech before his death.
_____________________________The book of the Bible in which faith is defined and in which Jesus is presented as a heavenly High Priest who is the Mediator of the new covenant; Christianity is shown to be superior to the ancient traditions of Judaism
_____________________________The chapter in Hebrews which contains several examples of faith (the "Faith Hall of Fame") from the Old Testament scriptures
_____________________________The falling away from one's former beliefs
_____________________________This is what Hebrews says that Jesus Christ is as well as describing Him as the High Priest who presides over it

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    -- Howard Culbertson

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