Cultural Anthropology crossword puzzle 3

Based on material in chapters 5-7, Mirror for Humanity by Phillip Kottak

Challenge: Can you solve this puzzle even if you do not have the book by Kottak?

crossword puzzle grid

2  Closed, hereditary systems of stratification that often are dictated by religion
5  Association or covariation between two or more variables
8  An exchange between social equals (who are normally related by kinship, marriage or other personal tie)
10  A position — negative or positive — which is not automatic but which has come through choices, actions, efforts, talents or accomplishments
11  A system of production, distribution and consumption of resources
1  A permanent social group among non-industrial food producers whose members claim common ancestry
3  The type of polygamy in which men have more than one wife
4  The creation of separate social strata -- unrelated groups that differ in their access to wealth, prestige and power; the emergence of this phenomena signifies a transition from chiefdom to state
6  A marital exchange in which the wife's family group provides substantial gifts to the husband's family
7  A political leader in many societies of the South Pacific who is a regulator of regional political organizations
9  Small-scale farmers who live in nonindustrial states and who have rent fund obligations

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