Crossword Puzzle 3: World evangelism history

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Based on Christian missions history material in chapter 3 of Discovering Missions by Gailey and Culbertson

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2 A man from Mecca who became the founder of Islam; a series of his "revelations" were written down and became the Qur'an.
5 The Count whose fervor sparked Moravian missionary outreach to the New World and to India
6 Founder of the China Inland Mission
7 The most visible cross-cultural missionary of New Testament times
9 Dispersion of Jews to distant places, creating over about five hundred years a network through which first-century Christian mission could flow.
10 An English slave who escaped and then returned as a Christian missionary to the land (Ireland) where he had been enslaved
12 Syrian who went to China as a missionary in the 600s; a limestone monument discovered in China tells of his ministry there
1 The 150 years of peaceful stability which Roman rule brought to the Mediterranean basin
3 One of the six students in the Haystack Prayer Meeting of 1806
4 Key leader of the Student Volunteer Movement of the late 1800s and early 1900s.
8 First Protestant missionary to China
11 The man known as "the father of the modern missionary movement"

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The worldwide spread of Christianity

World evangelism is the label for the spread of Christianity throughout the world. The history of this global expansion is long and complex. It began in biblical times and continues to the present day.

Christianity began as a small movement in a corner of the Roman Empire. Then, it quickly spread throughout the Mediterranean region and beyond. By the 4th century, Christianity had become the dominant religion of the Roman Empire.

In the centuries that followed, Christianity continued to spread throughout Europe, Africa, and Asia, often spontaneously through the efforts of ordinary Christ-followers as well as by missionaries and evangelists who traveled to unreached people groups to share the gospel message. Well-known missionaries include Patrick, who brought Christianity to Ireland; Francis Xavier, who evangelized in Asia; and William Carey, a Baptist missionary to India.

The 19th and 20th centuries saw a surge in Protestant missionary activity with churches and organizations sending missionaries to the far corners of the globe. Today, the Christian missionary force is truly international with missionaries from all six continents being sent to all six continents.

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