Crossword puzzle: Global missionaries of the past

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25 names from Christian world missions history

Crossword puzzle created from the list of names in the study guide for exam 3 in the course Modern Missionary Movement.

Challenge: Even if you're not in that class, can you solve this puzzle?

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3  Leader of the first group of missionaries to the Hawaiian islands
5  Holder of visa number 001 from the Bangladesh government
6  Founder of Central American Mission
7  Missionary pilot-mechanic, martyred in 1956 in Ecuador
10 Creator of China Inland Mission who adopted Chinese dress and other cultural ways
14  One of Wycliffe's most brilliant linguists who was initially rejected for missionary service
16  Founder of Trans World Radio
18  "Apostle to Polynesia" who realized the importance of using indigenous workers
19 Missionary surgeon who started a hospital and medical college in India
20  Founded the Africa Inland Mission, but only lived 14 months after he got to Africa
21  Pioneer missionary to the New Hebrides (now Vanuatu) whose attitude toward the Pacific Islanders seemed harsh
22  Founder of the Christian and Missionary Alliance, but never served as a missionary
23  He founded the Sudan Interior Mission in 1900
24  Founder of the Dohnavur Fellowship, an orphanage home for rescued children in India
25  Student volunteer who became a missionary to China, India, and Africa
1  Leader of the Student Volunteer Movement for Foreign Missions, influenced many students onto mission fields
2  Founder of Wycliffe Bible Translators
4  "Patron saint" of Southern Baptist missions
8  "Apostle to Islam"
9  Missionary doctor who carried out his work along the frozen coastline of Labrador
11  Converted from Catholicism, became a missionary doctor in the Congo
12  First Protestant missionary to China, went seven years before first convert
13  Methodist missionary to the intelligentsia of India who founded the Christian Ashram movement
15  Used the "open house" method in the Orient; wherever he went revival followed
17  Missionary to China who ended up being a local "foot inspector" and who led 100 war orphans to safety through a mountain range in 1940

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Crossword puzzle: People, terms, events and eras in Christian missions history

How well do you know the story of Great Commission fulfillment?

Courses using the book Perspectives on the World Christian Movement cover a great deal of material on missions history.

Work this crossword puzzle to see if you have digested the material in the historical section of that book.

Challenge: Can you solve the puzzle even if you do not have the book?

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1 "Father of modern missions" who was a shoe cobbler as well as lay preacher
4 The original name of the one who stands as proof of the unchangeableness of God's promise to bless
5 Greek word in Matthew 28:19 which means "people group"
13 Means "the father of many nations." Many missiologists believe that Christ's Great Commission is a restatement of God's covenant with this person.
15 The desired response to God's call to bless every people
16 Another people group which (like 10 Down) heard the Gospel from refugees from Roman persecution. Two brothers, Cyril and Methodius, ministered among this group.
17 The third of the ten redemptive eras of God's history of His people


1 The 1st "modern" era of the expansion of the Church focused on the "_________lands"
2 One of God's "involuntary" methods for spreading His name the hard way (as for example with the Jews in 721 and 586 B.C.)
3 The sixth of the ten 400-year eras of God's expanding blessing
6 Pioneer of the 2nd or "inlands" era of modern missions
7 A biblical word for a non-Jew who may become a fellow heir of the promise
8 Misguided attempts to spread Christ's authority that still affect how one billion people view Christianity
9 If not handled properly, this will be lost
10 A northern European people who heard the Gospel from Roman exiles. Ulfilas translated the Bible into their language.
11 A seafaring people that merged their marauding ways with their Christianity
12 The recipient of God's promise in Genesis 28:14
14 The one whose coming is at the midpoint of history

Online courses that I have taught using all or parts of the book Perspectives on the World Christian Movement include Missiology and Contextualization (a master's level course at Northwest Nazarene University), Global Evangelism (offered by Nazarene Bible College) and Missions in Global Contexts (offered by Nazarene Theological Seminary).

-- Howard Culbertson,

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Another missions history crossword puzzle

Can you solve it as well?

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