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Chapter 1, Mirror for Humanity by Conrad Phillip Kottak

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3  A member of the Seneca tribe who made important contributions to early anthropology as well as serving as Commissioner of Indian Affairs for the United States
5 The exploration of the cultural diversity of the present and the recent past
8   The son of an anthropologist who became the U.S. president
1   An account of a particular community, society or culture
2  The investigation of relationships between social and linguistic variations.
4 The use of anthropological perspectives, theory, methods and data to identify, assess, and solve social problems
6  The holistic, bio-cultural and comparative study of the human species that is done with fundamental respect for human diversity
7  Something which our textbook says is not possible to define biologically and which many scientists have abandoned as a useful way to classify human diversity

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What is Cultural Anthropology?

Cultural anthropology is an academic discipline that focuses on the study of human societies and cultures. It seeks to understand the diverse ways in which people around the world organize themselves, create meaning, and interact within their social and cultural environments. Cultural anthropologists explore topics such as kinship systems, belief systems, rituals, language, art, and economic practices within different societies. Through fieldwork, participant observation, and ethnographic research methods, they look for the underlying patterns and variations in human behavior and cultural practices, while also critically analyzing power dynamics and social change. Ultimately, cultural anthropology provides insights into the complexities of human existence and helps us appreciate the richness and diversity of human cultures.

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