Cultural Anthropology crossword puzzle 1

Chapter 1, Mirror for Humanity by Conrad Phillip Kottak

Challenge: Can you solve this puzzle even if you do not have the book by Kottak?

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3  A member of the Seneca tribe who made important contributions to early anthropology as well as serving as Commissioner of Indian Affairs for the United States
5 The exploration of the cultural diversity of the present and the recent past
8   The son of an anthropologist who became the U.S. president
1   An account of a particular community, society or culture
2  The investigation of relationships between social and linguistic variations.
4 The use of anthropological perspectives, theory, methods and data to identify, assess, and solve social problems
6  The holistic, bio-cultural and comparative study of the human species that is done with fundamental respect for human diversity
7  Something which our textbook says is not possible to define biologically and which many scientists have abandoned as a useful way to classify human diversity

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