Crossword puzzle: Historical figures who shaped Christianity

People on Christian Thought Exam #1

Challenge: Using the word bank below, can you solve this puzzle even if you are not taking this course?

crossword puzzle

1 Main Reformed theologian. Used Augustine's teaching to affirm the "total depravity" of humanity and the doctrine of predestination
4 Promoted a theory of evolution regarding origin of species. Originally a Christian, became increasingly agnostic. Used the phrae "survival of the fittest"
5 Belief that God's essential characteristic is immutability; held that the Word (Jesus) was not eternal and is not God, but was created by God as the first of all creatures; ideas rejected by Council of Nicea
6 Supported Copernican theory of the solar system
10 Early systematizer of Christian doctrine; interpreted Bible allegorically
14 Defended Christianity against Gnosticism and the doctrines of Marcion
15 Founder of the Methodist movement, stressed personal experience with Christ, sanctification of believers and the need for Christ-followers to be involved in holistically meeting human needs.
18  One who believed in "faith seeking understanding." Known for the "ontological" proof of the existence of God and for a clear statement of the substitutionary theory of atonement
1 Used Platonic philosophical tradition to defend and interpret Christian Faith; the sin of Adam was only a symbol of the fact that we all eventually would sin, affirming that all sin on their own account
2 Held that there are two gods: one of the Old Testament and one of the New; Jesus did not come in a physical body nor was he born from Mary
3 Staunch defender of rigid predestination
7 Perhaps the most influential theologian in history; known for his doctrine of grace; humans do not have the power to decide on their own redemption
8 German reformer who came to the conviction that salvation is by faith and not by works or by merits; declared that the Bible has more authority than all the councils of the church
9  Insisted that truth is only one. Therefore created a synthesis between Aristotle's philosophy and Christian faith
11  Tried to show how Christian faith could claim for itself the best in ancient pagan philosophy (on the basis of the doctrine of the logos (or Word)
12  Theory of solar system revolving around the sun
13  His writings gave rise to existentialism
16  History is the unfolding of the universal mind; developed a "system" that explained all of reality
17  Most important Protestant theologian of 20th century; rejected the use of philosophy and underscored divine transcendence and sovereignty; insisted on the function of theology as a critique of the life and proclamation of the church

Word Bank containing about twice as many names as will be needed

Abelard | Anselm of Canterbury | Aquinas | Arius | Arminius | Augustine | Barth | Basil | Calvin | Chrysostom | Clement of Alexandria | Copernicus | Cranmer | Cyprian | Darwin | Eckhart | Edwards | Esebius | Galileo | Hegel | Ignatius | Irenaeus | Justin Martyr | Kierkegaard | Luther | Marcion | Melanchthon | Origen | Polycarp | Taylor | Tertullian | Wesley | Whitefield | Zanchi | Zwingli

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