Cultural anthropology word search puzzle 5

Based on material in chapters 11-12 of Introducing Cultural Anthropology: A Christian Perspective by Howell and Paris

Challenge: Can you solve this word puzzle using the clues below even if you do not have the textbook?

See if you can find all the words that match the clues given below.

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________________________1. Religions that involve local leaders with a prophetic message from ancestral or other spirits promising wealth and material goods to the followers of the religion
________________________2. A population living outside its traditional homeland
________________________3. A form of cultural homogenization in which Western cultural norms replace local culture, resulting in the loss of cultural diversity (also called McDonaldization)
________________________4. An early anthropological theory that says culture develops in response to human needs
________________________5. An anthropological theory that teaches that human biology, specifically brain structure, drives culture
________________________6. An umbrella term for the premise that so-called objective views of human phenomena are inherently limited and that they are therefore not unbiased in the ways proponents believe them to be
________________________7. A group within a larger culture that defines itself (or is defined by others) in opposition or in distinction to the majority
________________________8. The integration of local, regional, and/or national production, exchange, and culture into a global system

    -- Howard Culbertson,

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