Word Scramble: Cultural Anthropology 3

Based on material regarding gender/sexuality and production/exchange

Chapters 5-6 of Introducing Cultural Anthropology: A Christian Perspective by Brian M. Howell and Jenell Paris

Challenge: Even if you do not have the book or are not even in the class, can you unscramble the words using the clues below?

  1. _____________________________Biological maleness or femaleness
  2. _____________________________What it means to be male or female in a particular culture
  3. _____________________________A long garment covering every bit of a woman's body, except for her eyes
  4. _____________________________A popular Mexican tradition involving the ritual passage of a girl from childhood to adulthood
  5. _____________________________A subsistence strategy based on gathering plants that grow wild in the environment and hunting available animals
  6. _____________________________The systematic killing of most members of a culture
  7. _____________________________A form of redistribution and exchange traditionally practiced by Pacific Northwest Native American groups
  8. _____________________________A system of exchange in which a centralized authority collects goods and services from a group of people and redistributes them
  9. _____________________________Growing food exclusively, or at least primarily, for consumption by one's own family or group
  10. _____________________________A form of horticulture involving the clearing and burning of a section of forest for cultivation, and after time, moving on to a new forest space (also known as slash-and-burn

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