Cultural Anthropology Crossword Puzzle 2

Culture, language, social structure and inequalities due to race, ethnicity and class in chapters 2-4 of Introducing Cultural Anthropology by Howell and Paris

Challenge: Can you solve this crossword puzzle even if you do not have the textbook?

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4 The view that cultural practices and beliefs are best understood in relation to the context in which they occur
6 A cultural category that divides the human race into subspecies based on supposed biological differences
7 One of the metaphors for culture
9 The use of one's own culture to measure another culture puts one's own culture at the center of interpretation and typically devalues the other culture
1 The ways people coordinate their lives in relation to one another at the level of society
2 One of the four key characteristics of culture
3 A simplified form of one language (often a colonial language) so that it has become a common language across a geographic area or region
5  The study of how language is used by people within societies
8 A category based on the sense of group affiliation derived from a distinct heritage or worldview as a "people"

    -- Howard Culbertson,

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