Cultural Anthropology Crossword Puzzle 4

Based on material regarding authority/power, kinship/marriage and religion/ritual in chapters 7-9 of Introducing Cultural Anthropology: A Christian Perspective by Howell and Paris

Challenge: Can you solve this crossword puzzle even if you do not have the textbook?

crossword puzzle grid

5  The belief in one god
7  A duty of the groom to work for the bride's kin for a certain period of time before or after marriage.
9 Within a centralized form of government, the small group that holds power over the majority
10  A form of marriage in which one person is married to two or more other persons
1  A behavior, artifact, or symbol that must be avoided in order to evade harm
2  Any story with sacred significance
3  The idea that souls or spirits exist not only in humans but also in plants, animals, elements of nature, or even all of creation
4  Influence or control over the behavior of others
6 Social rule by women
7  The most ancient political system, in which power and authority are organized in informal, decentralized ways
8  The practice of a bride's family providing resources, wealth or gifts to the groom and his family upon marriage

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