Crossword Puzzle 10: Introduction to World Missions

Based on material regarding the training and preparation of missionary candidates in chapter 10, Discovering Missions by Gailey and Culbertson

Challenge: Can you solve this puzzle even if you do not have the book? If not, then use this online PDF of Discovering Missions to find the answers!

crossword puzzle

5 A British Baptist minister who in the 1800s said, "Do not enter the ministry if you can help it."
7 One area in which mission boards want prospective missionaries to be healthy
9 A man who was told by his denominational mission board, "We cannot send you to South America, but if God has called you, you will go or backslide."*
1 An Old Testament character whose misgivings about whether God was really calling him led him to do some unusual things to clear up the uncertainties before proceeding
2 One thing mission boards look for in prospective missionaries
3 The role that a pastor plays for a member of his/her congregation who feels called to missionary service
4 An Old Testament person to whom God's call came in a dramatic vision
6 One position that today's missionaries rarely fill
8 The ranking of "personal incompatibility" in the list of causes of shortened missionary careers and failure of missionaries to achieve their potential

*Note: Is it possible for people to backslide and "lose" their salvation?

Crossword puzzle answers

    -- Howard Culbertson,

Based on material in bookDiscovering Missions by Charles Gailey and Howard Culbertson, published by Beacon Hill Press of Kansas City (now known as The Foundry)

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