Crossword Puzzle 10: Global Evangelism

Based on material regarding the training and preparation of missionary candidates in chapter 10, Discovering Missions by Gailey and Culbertson

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Challenge: Can you solve this puzzle even if you do not have the book? If not, then use this online PDF of Discovering Missions to find the answers!

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5 A British Baptist minister who in the 1800s said, "Do not enter the ministry if you can help it."
7 One area in which mission boards want prospective missionaries to be healthy
9 A man who was told by his denominational mission board, "We cannot send you to South America. But if God has called you, you will go or backslide spiritually."*
1 An Old Testament character whose misgivings about whether God was really calling him led him to do some unusual things to clear up the uncertainties before proceeding
2 One thing mission boards look for in prospective missionaries
3 The role that a pastor plays for a member of his/her congregation who feels called to missionary service
4 An Old Testament person to whom God's call came in a dramatic vision
6 One position that today's missionaries rarely fill
8 The ranking of "personal incompatibility" in the list of causes of shortened missionary careers and failure of missionaries to achieve their potential

*Note: Is it possible for people to backslide and "lose" their salvation?

Crossword puzzle answers

    -- Howard Culbertson,

Based on material in the book Discovering Missions by Charles Gailey and Howard Culbertson, published by Beacon Hill Press of Kansas City (now known as The Foundry)

Raising Up Missionaies

Recruiting, training, and developing world missionary candidates is a multifaceted process that begins with identifying individuals who demonstrate a deep passion for serving others and sharing their faith across diverse cultures. Recruitment involves assessing candidates' spiritual maturity, cultural sensitivity, and adaptability, often through interviews, assessments, and recommendations. Candidates may undergo rigorous training programs that encompass theological education, language acquisition, cross-cultural communication, and practical skills for ministry in various contexts. These training programs may include immersive experiences in different communities, mentorship, and ongoing support to nurture personal growth and resilience. Development continues throughout their missionary journey, with opportunities for further education, mentoring, and reflection to deepen their understanding of local contexts and refine their ministry skills, ensuring they are equipped to effectively serve and empower communities worldwide.

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