Worldviews according to Sire

Crossword puzzle based on The Universe Next Door by James Sire

Challenge: By using the word bank below, can you solve this puzzle even if you do not have the book?

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5  A personal god does not exist; there is only a mysterious Force to be tapped. The core experience is cosmic consciousness. Some proponents advocated using drugs.
7 Many — if not all — roads lead to the One. When we do "realize" our being, we enter the undifferentiated One, absorbed into the Infinite-Impersonal One like a drop of water into a river.
8 This worldview attracts believers in God who want a faith that does not demand too much belief in the supernatural or in the accuracy of the Bible. There is also an atheistic version of this worldview.
10 The cosmos is all that is or ever was or ever will be. God doesn't exist.
1 Human beings were created good, but the Fall defaced the image of God. Death leads to life with God or else eternal separation from Him.
2 The invisible universe is accessible only through altered states of consciousness. There is no transcendent god who is also personal. Actress Shirley McClaine championed this worldview.
3 The worldview to which the dialectical materialism and secular humanism of Marx is related. The goal of history is a perfect or ideal human society.
4 God created the world but now is uninvolved. While God may be an architect, He is not a lover or a judge.
6 Knowledge is seen as very subjective. There are no absolute moral values. Truth often seems paradoxical. The Bible is considered historically untrustworthy.
9 Nothing has any meaning, value, significance, dignity or worth.

Word bank: List of words that includes those needed to solve the puzzle

Note: This list contains more than twice as many words as you will need. Also, three of the words are used twice in the crossword puzzle

Atheism | Casualism | Christian Theism | Conservatism | Darwinism | Deism | Eastern Pantheistic Monism | Empiricism | Evangelicalism | Existentialism | Gnosticism | Liberalism | Modernism | Naturalism | Neoorthodoxy | New Age | Nihilism | Polytheism | Postmodernism | Socialism | Skepticism | Stoicism | Unbelief

    -- Howard Culbertson,

What is a Worldview?

A worldview can be thought of as a comprehensive framework through which individuals perceive and interpret the world around them. It encompasses a combination of beliefs, values, attitudes, and assumptions that shape how people understand reality, make sense of their experiences, and guide their actions. This lens influences how individuals form opinions about various aspects of life, including morality, spirituality, politics, and social issues. Worldviews can be influenced by factors such as culture, religion, education, upbringing, and personal experiences, and they play a fundamental role in shaping an individual's identity and outlook on life. In essence, a worldview serves as a cognitive map that helps people navigate the complexities of existence and understand their place within the broader fabric of the universe.

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