Word Scramble 13 (Isaiah)

Chapter 13 Discovering the Bible by Alex Varughese

Unscramble these names and words and match them to the clues below

Challenge: Even if you do not have the textbook, can you solve this puzzle?

1. eeHizkah________________

2. eoitneFgrll ________________

3. leisHosn ________________

4. asiIha ________________

5. trgiFohntell ________________

6. Uiazhz ________________

7. ailhEj ________________

_____ What our textbook calls "the greatest prophetic book in the Old Testament." This book contains more material about the Messiah than any other Old Testament writing.

_____ One of the "non-writing" or noncanonical prophets (this is the prophet who challenged the prophets of Baal on Mount Carmel).

_____ A king whom Isaiah counseled. As we learned from a video, it was this king who withstood an Assyrian siege of Jerusalem in part because of a water tunnel he built.

_____ The aspect or function of prophetic ministry which challenges people to repent and restore their relationship with God

_____ A characteristic of God that is a dominant theme in Isaiah.

_____ The King who died the year Isaiah heard a call from God

_____ The aspect or feature of prophetic ministry in which there are predictions or announcements made about the future

    -- Howard Culbertson,


The book of Isaiah, nestled within the Old Testament, stands as a monumental work of prophecy and poetry. Its authorship is traditionally attributed to the prophet Isaiah, who lived in the eighth century BCE in the kingdom of Judah.

Divided into 66 chapters, Isaiah encompasses a wide range of themes, from the consequences of sin and the call to repentance to the promise of redemption and restoration. Its vivid imagery and eloquent language captivate readers, while its prophetic messages echo through the ages, addressing both the immediate concerns of ancient Israel and the enduring hopes of humanity. Through visions of a future Messiah and glimpses of a new heaven and earth, Isaiah speaks to the divine promise of salvation and the enduring faithfulness of God.

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