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"The mind of the rash will know and understand, and the stammering tongue will be fluent and clear." — Isaiah 32:4

Downloadable free ppt presentations used in classes and seminars by Howard Culbertson

All classes

Importance of class attendance (cartoon)

Bible study

7 Ideas for Enriching Bible Understanding (Approaching the Bible) | PowerPoint as PDF
Factors that affect understanding the Bible.
Why I accept the Bible as authoritative | PowerPoint as PDF
Eight reasons to consider the Bible as divinely inspired and authoritative
7 common errors made in interpreting the Bible | PowerPoint as PDF
Common errors that are often made in trying to explain Scripture passages
Inadequate uses of the Bible | PowerPoint as PDF
Uses of the Bible that are not necessarily bad, but are inadequate if that's the only approach an individual uses to Scripture
Themes of the Bible | PowerPoint as PDF
Key Biblical themes
Old Testament writings
Bible book summaries| PowerPoint as PDF
New Testament books |
Bible book summaries
PowerPoint as PDF

Other faiths, fringe Christian groups

Forum: The occult and demonic
Presentation at a church on the occult and demonic in Scripture and the implications for today
Worldview boutique | PowerPoint as PDF
A look at several worldviews as explained by James Sire in The Universe Next Door
The U.S.'s "fertile soil" for new religious movements
10 reasons for the lengthy list of options populating America's religious menu
Overview of world's religions | PowerPoint as PDF
Jehovah's Witnesses
A look at the history, development and beliefs of the Jehovah's Witnesses including a suggested approach in trying to dialog with them (note: sometimes the organization will be erroneously called Jehovahs Witnesses)

Short-term missions

Creating links in the chain of experiences that lead to faith | PowerPoint as PDF
Fund-raising for mission trips
Raising support for short-term missionary work
Spiritual warfare |
Relational or friendship evangelism
Brief history of Haiti
Used in training short-term mission trip teams going to Haiti

Presentations for missions courses including Cultural anthropology, church growth and linguistics

Duane Elmer's culture shock response diagram | PowerPoint as PDF
Key missions Bible passages | PowerPoint as PDF
7 Theological trends in missions| PowerPoint as PDF
7 trends in theology of missions as enunciated by Alan Tippett
Local Church pathology | PowerPoint as PDF
Eight "diseases" that afflict local churches, inhibiting their growth and effectiveness
Cultural evolution models and their tragic flaws
A look at the cultural evolution proposals of L.H. Morgan and others
Cultural Anthropology's big names
Photos and brief descriptions of 10 key figures in Cultural Anthropology history
Christian Community Development | PowerPoint format
Fulfilling the cultural mandate (a presentation for "Perspectives")
Defining cultural anthropology | PowerPoint as PDF
Initial lecture to introduce cultural anthropology
The iceberg of culture | PowerPoint as PDF
A look at how much lies below the surface of a culture
The world from "my perspective" | PowerPoint as PDF
Epochs of Christian missions | PowerPoint as PDF
Eras of the church's missionary expansion and the major cultural basins affected in each period
Language learning alphabet | PowerPoint as PDF
An ABC look at strategies for language learning by adults
Unreached People groups — A sampling | PowerPoint as PDF
Brief descriptions of 20 major groupings of people who have not yet heard the gospel
PowerPoint to accompany song "Please don't send me to Africa"
Viewing other cultures: the attitude spectrum
Five major attitudes adopted by people as they look at other cultures
World missions | PowerPoint as PDF
Brief, one-class period overview of world missions prepared for MCS (covers Biblical basis, history and current state of world evangelization)
Bible and missions
Biblical basis of missions: Visualizing the call to world evangelism in the Bible using some symbols | PowerPoint as PDF
Describing God | PowerPoint as PDF
How well do the "omni" doctrines communicate cross-culturally? Alan Tippett's proposal for a cross-cultural description of God.
Obstacles churches face in accomplishing their mission | PowerPoint as PDF
Five things that can weaken local churches and keep them from being truly the Church of Jesus Christ
Modern Church Growth Movement | PowerPoint as PDF
Donald McGavran and the history of the Church Growth movement | PowerPpoint as PDF
Donald McGavran -- edition for Ministry, Church and Society  | PowerPoint as PDF
Student presentations on To Spread the Power by George G. Hunter III
Multiplying recruiting units | PowerPoint as PDF
Summary of material in chapter six
Indigenizing the church's ministries — Hadaway | PowerPoint as PDF
How religious groups see the dominant culture (issue of Christ and culture) | View PowerPoint as PDF
Summary of material in chapter eight

Nazarene missions

"Through you all nations will be blessed"
Nazarene missions in context
Ralph Winter's "epochs" of missions history sets the background for a look at Nazarene missions history
World Evangelism Fund -- Where does it go? | PowerPoint as PDF

Ministry, Church and Society

Case studies: principles for using a unique teaching tool
Introduction to case studies and a specific look at "To Drink or Not to Drink"
Your Faith Journey (giving your testimony) | PowerPoint as PDF
3 men: On whose shoulders do we stand? | PowerPoint as PDF
Biographical sketches of Martin Luther, John Wesley and Phineas F. Bresee
Relational evangelism
What is sometimes called friendship evangelism
Your volunteer ministry hours

     -- Howard Culbertson

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