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Chapter 16, Discovering the Bible, textbook for Introductcion to Biblical Literature


2 A prophet who encourages the people to rebuild the ruined Temple
4 In saying that several nations will be judged for their hostility toward God and His people, this prophet speaks much of "the Day of the Lord"
5 The English translation of Yahweh Zebaoth, a name emphasizing God's power and sovereignty in the world and a reminder that God is able to handle any and all situations
6 A prophet whose message challenges us to go on trusting God in the midst of severe adversities and trials of life; it contains the statement quoted by Paul in his letter to the Romans: "the just shall live by faith"
1 The final book of the Old Testament; among other things, it describes the act of withholding tithe as "robbing God"
3 Nineveh is the subject of the judgment speeches of this minor prophet
4 A "minor prophet" who had a series of eight visions of the future in symbols reminiscent of John's Revelation; he anticipated the final triumph of God and His ultimate rule over all the earth

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