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"We must choose this day whether we will hide our eyes from the need and close our ears to the call or whether we will tackle with new decisiveness, mixed with humility and devotion, the unchanging command of a faithful God who is still seeking."
   — Ralph Winter in Faithful in Christ Jesus: A mission reader

"They received the message with great eagerness and examined the Scriptures every day to see if what Paul said was true." — Acts 17:11

Does the Old Testament (a.k.a. Hebrew Bible) have a missionary message?

globeHarvest passages: 120 Old Testament verses on missions

Why world missions? We have a mission to fulfill: Biblical passages dealing with world evangelism

Are you working on a global missionary sermon or message? Do you have to do a Bible study on missions? Has someone asked the question: Why missions? Why should I be concerned about the global harvest of souls?

Sacred scripture is full of explicit as well as implicit references to God's will for world evangelism. Most evangelical believers know the Great Commission: "Go ye into all the world."

The Great Commission is only one reason for God's people to be doing global mission. There are lots of other missions verses in God's Word. Here is a partial listing of missionary scriptures — scriptures concerning missions — from the Old Testament. Use these to encourage a clear missionary vision. Several passages have links to where they are cited on other pages of this web site.

Some of these Bible phrases relating to missions would make great Faith Promise convention themes.

80 New Testament passages about world missions

Old Testament and missions

80 New Testament passages about world missions

Into whatever groups we divide humanity — races, nations, languages, cultures — it is clear that God loves all of them and wants people from all those groupings to be reconciled to Him.

In top-line blessings/bottom-line responsibilities categories of Don Richardson and Bob Sjogren, many of these scriptures are of the bottom line responsibility type.

"Make known among the nations what He has done." — Psalm 105:1

Page of missions slogans, classic scripture passages and faces from the "crowd of witnesses": PDF format

The barbarians become Christian

hereIn the years 400-800 the Germanic tribes of central Europe turned to Christ in massive numbers. [ read more ]

SNU missions course materials and syllabi

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