Chapter 32, Discovering the Bible

T  S  I  L  A  E& nbsp; D  I  T  B  A  Q   N
U  M  R  T  Z  Y &n bsp;W  A  S  A  J  E & nbsp;E
E  P  I  S  F  I   ;H  J  I  S  H  E   V
R  A  B  I  X  S &nbs p;C  G  R  L  F  N &nb sp;E
E  T  P  C  P  N &nb sp;M  V  U  U  V  P & nbsp;S
V  M  F  I  B  R &nb sp;O  L  T  H  V  R &n bsp;S
E  O  O  R  A  M &n bsp;E  N  U  Y  X  I & nbsp;V
L  S  E  O  T  D &nb sp;S  T  F  X  X  F &nb sp;K
A  E  F  T  D  D &nb sp;Q  S  E  M  N  D &n bsp;V
T  K  D  S  O  Y &nb sp;V  M  O  R  T  H & nbsp;P
I  Q  I  I  M  B &nbs p;Y  N  R  Y  I  V &nb sp;W
O  K  O  H  E  V &n bsp;L  E  W  T  V  S & nbsp;S
N  W  I  S  N  A &nb sp;I  T  I  M  O  D &nb sp;T

  1. _________________________The New Testament book that utilizes lots of symbolic language and other literary features of Jewish apocalyptic literature to talk about Christ's Second Coming and End Times

  2. _________________________The number of churches to which the book of Revelation is addressed; the number signifying perfection that is prominent throughout Revelation

  3. _________________________The Roman emperor at the end of the First Century who was worshipped as a god and who carried out an empire-wide persectuion of Christians

  4. _________________________A number used in the Bible to symbolize completeness

  5. _________________________A number used to signal imperfection

  6. _________________________The island where John was in exile when he had the visions recorded in Revelation

  7. _________________________A view that interprets Revelation as a symbolic description of the ongoing struggle between God and the forces of evil

  8. _________________________A view of Revelation that sees it primarily as a message of hope for those being persecuted in the Roman Empire during the late first century

  9. _________________________A view of Revelation that sees it as a symbolic description of the Church's history from its beginning to the return of Christ

  10. _________________________A vew that interprets Revelation as a prophecy of future events

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