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Chapters 7-8, Discovering the Bible

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3 The man whom Samuel anointed as Israel's first king
7 The second king of Israel who was referred to as a man "after God's own heart"; our textbook said he was the king during Israel's Golden Years.
8 David's son who killed his brother Amnon in retaliation for the rape of their sister Tamar and who later tried to wrest the throne from his father
9 Saul's son who was a close friend of David
12 A woman prophetess-judge whose leadership brought deliverance from oppression to Israel
13 The book that presents the stories of entering, possessing and distributing the land as a solemn act of worship
14 A Jericho resident who assisted two spies sent to her city because she recognized God's power at work among the Israelites
16 A priest who had two evil sons
1 A biographical sketch of Moabite lady who was the great-grandmother of King David
2 A book covering 350 years of Israel's "Dark Ages;" it takes its name from the warrior heroes who were the central characters in its stories
3 Israel's last judge, a priest and the first of the prophets; this man stands between th era of judges and the era of statehood and kingship
4 A judge of Israel who defeated a far larger Midianite army with only 300 men (pared down from the 32,000 soldiers who originally showed up for the battle)
5 Mother of Samuel who had made a vow to God that if He would give her a son, she would consecrate that son as a Nazarite
6 The woman with whom David committed adultery; the second son that David fathered with her was named Solomon
10 A physically powerful man who was raised as a godly Nazarite but whose life illustrates how leaders can falter badly
11 The prophet who confronted David about his sins in the affair with Bathsheba
13 Father of King David
15 The god of a Canaanite fertility religion

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