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Chapter 6, Discovering the Bible

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1   Moses' brother to whom some of God's speeches in Leviticus are addressed because this man had been consecrated and ordained as a priest
4   An area where the book of Numbers reports that the Israelites camped at the end of their wilderness journey; it was there that they worshiped Baal and engaged in the Canaanite fertility cult.
5   A passage from Deuteronomy that was part of the morning and evening prayers of Judaism. It begins, "The Lord our God, the Lord is one"
9   An important theme in Leviticus; this theme reflects the Law's insistence that human beings are to "love your neighbor as yourself" as well as the need to be consecrated to God in ways that separate oneself from the secular influences of the world
12   When the Israelites camped in the wilderness they pitched their tents so that they always faced this particular structure to symbolize their God-centeredness
13   A word usually translated as "law" which really means God's gracious will and thus His instructions for one's conduct and life
14   The Bible book which can be seen as an instruction manual for Israel's priests
2   A document or "book" that tells of Israel's murmuring and rebellion against God as the people coped with the difficulties of life in the wilderness
3   One of two spies who presented a favorable report on the possibilities of entering the Promised Land
6   A word that conveys the idea of the "covering" of sin by the blood as well as the idea of cleansing from sin
7   The starting point of Israel's journey with God as a holy people
8   A compilation of Moses' farewell speeches which help the people remember their past; the title actually means "second law," reflecting this Bible book's summing up of the essence of the law that God gave to Israel at Mount Sinai
10   The Jewish feast that celebrated Israel's redemption from Egyptian slavery
11   A magician and seer who was recruited by Balak, king of Moab, to pronounce a curse on Israel (he is also known as the man with the talking donkey)

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