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Chapters 24-25, Discovering the Bible

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3 A lady from Corinth who, along with her husband Aquila, became a companion in ministry with Paul
4 A man who turned Paul's emphasis in Romans on justification by faith into a key principle of the Protestant Reformation
5 People who went around trying to persuade churches that Gentile converts had to become completely Jewish to be truly Christian
6 The Old Testament prophet whose words "the just shall live by faith" were used by Paul as a foundation for his case about salvation by grace when he wrote a letter to the church in Rome
8 A city in which a troubled and divided church was struggling with great moral issues
9 Paul's letter whose teachings about sin and salvation profoundly changed the lives of Augustine, Martin Luther and John Wesley; it is also a letter in which Paul tries to convince a congregation to support his hope of going to Spain to evangelize
1 A letter addressed to a church which had Gentile believers who were under heavy pressure to become Jewish in their belief, behavior and practice
2 A major theme in Paul's letter to the Romans; it is an attribute (characteristic) of God that is essential to understanding God as a holy God
7 A member of the church at Cenchrea near Corinth; this person may well have been the one who delivered Paul's letter to the Romans to that congregation in the empire's capital city

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