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Chapter 22, Discovering the Bible, textbook for Introduction to Biblial Literature

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1   Paul's companion on his second missionary journey which included the miraculous escape from prison
3   The Apostle whose sermon on the Day of Pentecost resulted in 3,000 conversions
5   The leader of the Jerusalem church
7   The church which commissioned Paul and Barnabas as missionaries to the Gentiles (non-Jews) and where disciples of Jesus first came to be called "Christians"
10   A city in which Paul and Silas miraculously escaped from prison
12   The city where Paul stood on Mars Hill (Aeropagus) and addressed a crowd on the nature and existence of the one true living God
13   The Apostolic Council whose proceedings are described in Acts 15 when the issue of the relationship of Gentile believers to Jewish customs and practices is discussed
14   A native of Cyprus who wound up in Antioch as a key leader, introducing Paul to believers there and even accompanying Paul on his first missionary journey
15   The evangelist whose three missionary journeys are recorded in the book of Acts and who is described as a "ringleader of the Nazarene sect"
2   The Old Testament prophet from whom the Ethiopian was reading when Philip encountered him on the road to Gaza
4   The coastal city in which Paul saw a vision of a man of Macedonia
6   His death by stoning made him the first Christian martyr
8   A Hellenist colleague of Stephen's who wound up preaching in Samaria
9   The one to whom the Gospel of Luke and the book of Acts is addressed
11   A Jewish festival during which the Holy Spirit descended on 120 people; the event is often considered the birth of the Christian Church

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