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Chapter 18, Discovering the Bible

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2 A Jewish religious movement which built a community at Qumran and wound up hiding their writings in jars in nearby caves during a Roman invasion
6 Religious institution established during the Babylonian Exile which became the center of the study and teaching of the Torah
9 When Paul said in Galatians 4:4 that the coming of Jesus into the world took place
10 A Jewish religious group which required strict adherence to both written and oral Law, including the interpretations handed down by generations of great rabbis; they believed in the coming of the Messiah and the resurrection of the dead
11 Center of Jewish sacrificial worship destroyed by the Romans in A.D. 70
1 A fanatical revolutionary political movement that opposed the foreign rule of Judea by the Romans
3 These descendants of Assyrian colonists and Israelites were viewed by most Jews as a mixed and defiled people who did not belong to their nation
4 The spreading of Greek language and culture
5 A king of Judea who was a skillful and cunning diplomat, a military strategist and a ruthless and murderous ruler (he was in power when Jesus was born)
6 The Jewish supreme court which handled all religious violations and breaking of the rules of the Torah
7 A Jewish religious group which considered the Books of Moses as their central authority; they promoted the Temple as necessary for the existence of Judaism while also rejecting concepts such as resurrection, angels, demons and future reward
8 Festival of Lights which celebrates the cleansing and re-dedication of the Jerusalem Temple at the end of the Maccabean war (during the period between the Old and New Testaments)

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