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Chapter 5, Discovering the Bible

T  Q  L  C  T  W   M  P  O  P

N  Q  E  I  A  Y   M  L  N  P

A  F  U  K  B  A   N  U  E  A

N  M  J  R  E  H   O  F  X  S

E  M  S  G  R   W  R  S  X  S

V  O  I  N  N  E   A  G  V  O

O  S  N  V  A  H   A  F  F  V

C  E  A  X  C  O   X  F  M  E

S  S  I  D  L  Q   C  N  S  R

H  X  A  X  E   M  C  Z  C  P

  1. __________________ is the place where God made a covenant with His people, promising to treat them as a prized possession, a kingdom of priests and a holy nation.
  2. ____________________ is God's personal name; it signifies His "being-there-with-us" in all of life's circumstances.
  3. The ________________________________ was a tent-like structure which God instructed the Israelites to build as a worship center and as visible and tangible evidence of the reality of His abiding presence.
  4. ________________________ was Moses' brother who was consecrated and ordained along with his sons to minister in the Tabernacle (this name is not mentioned in our text but in the Bible readings).
  5. _____________ was asked by God to lead His people out of Egyptian slavery.
  6. The ______________________________ was a ritual in which the blood of a sacrificial lamb provided protection for the Israelites.
  7. A ______________________________ is a formal and legally binding contract between two parties that is a key element to understanding Scripture.

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