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Chapters 13 and 14, Discovering the Bible

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2 A king whom Isaiah counseled; as we learned from a video, it was this king who withstood an Assyrian siege of Jerusalem in part because of a water tunnel he built
5 The aspect or feature of prophetic ministry that are predictions or announcements about the future
7 Name of a nation that appears in Ezekiel (and later in Revelation) and may symbolize all the worldly evil powers that are hostile to God's plans and purposes.
9 The man often referred to as the "weeping prophet"; he witnessed the destruction of Jerusalem; his preaching was filled with symbolic object lessons using pottery, figs, a yoke, a tree by the water, and a belt.
10 The king who died the year Isaiah heard a call from God
1 A prophet during the Babylonian exile who prepared the Jews for their eventual restoration and rebuilding of the city of Jerusalem. His writing includes the vision of the valley of dry bones and a description of Israel as sheep without a shepherd
2 A characteristic of God that is a dominant theme in Isaiah
3 What our textbook calls "the greatest prophetic book in the Old Testament"; this book contains more material about the Messiah than any other Old Testament writing
4 What Jeremiah says is the only prerequisite to salvation
5 The aspect or function of prophetic ministry which challenges people to repent and restore their relationship with God
6 The writing about social justice by a mid-eighth century shepherd that is the first literary product of Israel's prophetic tradition
8 The "non-writing" or noncanonical prophet who challenged the prophets of Baal on Mount Carmel

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