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Chapter 10, Discovering the Bible

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2 An event or period which took away from the Jews certain symbols of God's blessing: their Temple, their kingship and their nationhood. This period led to the establishment of the synagogue, the education and teaching center of later Judaism
4 A cupbearer to the king in Persia whose book tells the story of how he led the rebuilding of Jerusalem's walls following the Babylonian exile
5 Persian king who allowed the Jewish exiles to return to their homeland
1 One of the "minor" prophets who inspired the Jews to take up the task of rebuilding their Temple after the Babylonian exile
2 A Jewish priest who helped re-establish the teaching of the Law after he was commissioned by the King of Persia to return to the homeland of his ancestors
3 The book that tells the story of the dramatic deliverance of the Jews from certain extermination during the Persian period; this deliverance is today celebrated by the Feast of Purim

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