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Chapter 9, Discovering the Bible

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4 King of Judah who was forced to witness the murder of his sons by the Babylonians after which he was blinded and taken captive to Babylon
6 Successor to Elijah who picked up Elijah's "prophet mantle" as he disappeared into the heavens in a fiery chariot
11 Assyrian king who lifted his siege of Jerusalem when God intervened in a miraculous way
12 Bathsheba's son who succeeded his father David as king and then built the Temple in Jerusalem
1 Wife of Ahab; she promoted the worship of Baal in Israel
2 Assyrian king who forced Israel to pay a large tribute or tax
3 King of Israel (northern Kingdom) who married a Phoenician king's daughter who was an ardent worshiper of Baal
5 Prophet of Yahweh who had a showdown with 450 prophets of Baal
7 King of Judah (who became king when he was 8) whom our textbook says served God with undivided loyalty and more wholeheartedly than any other king
8 First king of the northern 10 tribes who broke away to form a separate kingdom
9 King of Judah who led religious reforms including removal of Baal altars and Asherah poles; with the Lord's help he successfully resisted an Assyrian siege of Jerusalem
10 Solomon's son who saw the kingdom split apart when he became king

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