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Chapter 28, Discovering the Bible

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3 Letter to an influential and wealthy person at Colossae concerning a runaway slave who became a Christian after coming into contact with the Apostle Paul
5 A letter Paul composed shortly before his martyrdom during the reign of Nero; in this letter Paul uses the metaphors of a faithful soldier, a dedicated athlete and a hard-working farmer; he exhorts the recipient to remember, to hold on to firmly, to guard the faith and to never compromise with those who are opponents of the true faith
6 One of the strange doctrines against which Paul seems to be writing in First Timothy
7 What the letters to Timothy and Titus are often called since they address issues related to congregational life within the churches where these men were serving as pastors or leaders
1 A letter with a lengthy discussion of the duties of church leaders
2 A runway slave on whose behalf Paul appeals to his owner to take him back and treat him as a "dear brother"
4 Letter which Paul writes to the leader of the church on the island of Crete; gives instructions as to qualifications of church leaders and spells out what is acceptable behavior for all age-groups within the Body

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