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Chapter 26, Discovering the Bible

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2 The pagan god whose worship was centered in Ephesus
5 A heresy prevalent in Colossae, a heresy which Paul called a "hollow and deceptive philosophy"
7 A letter giving warnings concerning false teachers and their deceptive teachings; in this letter Paul declares that all things in creation are held together in Christ
9 The city in which there is a church to which Paul writes a letter urging its members to joyfully live in harmony and unity with the mind-set of Christ; as he writes to the church in that city, Paul encourages his readers to discover the ultimate contentment of life under the Lordship of Christ
10 A term for the theological understanding of the nature and person of Jesus Christ
1 Because Paul was incarcerated when he wrote to the Ephesians, Philippians and Colossians, these letters are known as ___________ epistles.
3 The letter in which Paul gives his most comprehensive treatment of the nature of the Church and life within that community that God has established through His Son Jesus Christ
4 The book that contains the "kenosis hymn," a passage which speaks of Christ "emptying (kenosis) himself"
6 One evidence of problems in the church at Philippi is the exhortation of Paul to this particular person and to another one that the two of them should "agree with each other in the Lord"
8 A dealer in purple cloth who was Paul's first convert in Philippi

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