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Chapter 31, Discovering the Bible

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1   The person to whom Third John is addressed
7   A highly regarded virtue and a necessary gift for the advancement of the Early Church; a key theme of Third John
8   The person to whom Second John is addressed
2   John understood that this person will be more than someone who fails to believe; it will be someone who, in deliberate and reasoned rebellion, denies that Jesus is the Christ and denies the Father-Son relationship
3   The New Testament book which is often the one recommended for a new Christian to read first; this book contrasts those who walk in the light with God and love others with those who walk in the darkness and hate their fellow human beings
4   A form of Gnosticism which promoted the idea that Jesus only appeared to have a human form but that He was not truly human and did not have an actual material body
5   The Roman emperor during the last decade of the first century; he brought great persecution on the Christians who found themselves treated as aliens in a foreign land and who also found themselves tempted by syncretism (the borrowing of religious ideas from pagan religions)
6   A word used in First John to mean the way of life that opposes God; a place where deceivers and the Deceiver live and rule

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