Nazarene Missions International

(Formerly Nazarene World Mission Society)

Boosting missions: The Nazarene Missions International is the local-church-based global mobilization and promotional arm of the Church of the Nazarene. NMI (formerly NWMS) is a grass roots missions committee structure that summons church members to prayer, to giving and to sending.

NMI is a mobilization organization; though it promotes the global vision plan of the Church of the Nazarene, NMI does not administer Nazarene world evangelism efforts.

Mission statement

NMI exists to mobilize the church in mission through prayer, education, giving, and interactive experiences

The mission vision of Nazarene Missions International

To encourage the sending church and the missionary team . . .

Global Nazarene Missions International website | Prayer Mobilization Line

Mission education resources

Low cost motivational and thank you gifts

Candy gifts for Nazarene Missions International council members | Survival Kit for NMI leaders | New pastors' gifts - district convention | Conflict on your council?

PowerPoint presentations

A rich variety of missions PowerPoint presentations is available. These can be viewed individually on the Internet or downloaded for your use in church services. Check them out!

Work & Witness

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Mission Connection magazine for local NMI leaders
Nazarene missionaries web pages
Children, youth and adult missions education resources on Internet
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"What will it take for Nazarene Missions International to be effective in the 21st Century?"

Nina Gunter says we must:

  1. Re-visit the Biblical basis for our mission
  2. Reflect deeply on the nature and heart of God
  3. Re-examine God's purpose for the Church
  4. Discover God's purpose and will for us as individuals
  5. Re-evaluate our methods
  6. Consciously and purposefully involve the next generation
  7. Determine to be mission-minded and mission-hearted
From a speech to a missions conference in Ft. Worth in September, 1999

Nina Gunter on "The greatest challenge facing the church"

SNU missions course resources and syllabi

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