Faith Promise Event: Theme Suggestions

Need a theme idea for your church's Faith Promise convention or missionary weekend or even for the next year for your church?

Here are more than five dozen possibilities for global missions themes.

Note: If you have used a theme not listed here, drop me a note about it. I would like to share with others by adding it to this list.

Budget presentation as a jigsaw puzzle

Here's how one church presented the breakdown of their total Faith Promise goal to the congregation. The budget making up this goal had five major line items:
Faith Promise budget expressed as
a jigsaw puzzle

Missionopoly -- Faith promise theme

The Lebanon, Oregon Church of the Nazarene did a take-off on the classic board game Monopoly for their Faith Promise theme. "Mission-opoly" was used to promote the special weekend. Here are samples of materials used during that global cross-cultural evangelism event.

missionopoly game pieces

Faith Promise: 1950s theme

Nazarene missions in the middle of the Twentieth Century

Email received from a local church: "I'm planning our upcoming Faith Promise with a 1950s theme. I obviously have found 50s prices and what was popular in the secular world then. However, I would like to do a comparison of where Nazarene missions "was" in the 50's versus where it is now. Can you point me in the right direction? Thanks so much in advance."

Facts to help you

I like your creativity! The 1950s theme would work for a Faith Promise Convention or a global mission weekend in almost any church. Here's what the 1950s looked like from the perspective of Nazarene global outreach:

    -- Howard Culbertson,

A list of Faith Promise for World Missions event thtmes that ChatGPT found on the Internet.

  1. "Harvesting Hope: Planting Seeds of Faith Worldwide"
  2. "From Every Nation: Celebrating Diversity in Mission"
  3. "Shine the Light: Illuminating Darkness Across Continents"
  4. "Kingdom Builders: Building God's Kingdom, One Mission at a Time"
  5. "Journey of Compassion: Serving the World with Love"
  6. "Bridges of Hope: Connecting Hearts Around the Globe"
  7. "Mission Possible: Empowering Communities Through Faith"
  8. "A World Transformed: Impacting Lives with God's Love"
  9. "Together in Mission: Unity in Diversity for Global Transformation"
  10. "Beyond Borders: Faith in Action, Everywhere."
  11. "The Great Commission: Sharing the Good News to Every Corner"
  12. "Miracles Across Borders: Witnessing God's Work Worldwide"
  13. "Beyond Boundaries: Expanding God's Kingdom Beyond Borders"
  14. "Heartbeat of the Nations: Listening and Responding to Global Needs"
  15. "Missionary Mosaic: Each Piece Matters in God's Global Plan"

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