Mr. Missionary, I Have a Question (Part 1)

Some answers by Howard Culbertson

In this book, Howard Culbertson answers questions that were asked in church services across the United States during a home assignment year. Originally published for the Nazarene Missions International mission book series by what is now The Foundry, this book carried ISBN number 083-411-1519


Nazarenes have committed themselves to obeying Christ's Great Commission. I'm convinced that we are a missionary-minded denomination. I become more convinced as Nazarenes bombard me with hundreds of questions at the end of missionary deputation services, during potluck dinners, and around the dinner tables in their homes.

In this respect, our last home assignment was a fascinating time because we were changing countries of service. There were always questions about Italy, where we had served for 10 years, and, of course, many questions about our new assignment in Haiti.

I did not know all the answers to those questions, so I began writing down the things being asked. Now, after nine months of living in Haiti, I want to try to give some answers to those questions left unanswered. The questions in this book are real questions that I've been asked. They came from Nazarenes from Bakersfield (California) to Butler (Pennsylvania) and from San Angelo (Texas) to Sidney (Ohio).

None of these answers is either exhaustive or authoritative. My missionary colleagues serving with me in Haiti did look over a rough draft of this book and saved me from several obvious errors. I owe them each a big "thank you." I also need to acknowledge that any errors remaining, though unintentional, are my responsibility.

I hope you enjoy this book. More than that, I hope the Holy Spirit is able to use it to make even clearer His will for His people in today's world. . . . [ more ]

-- Howard Culbertson,

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Hawaii, garden hoes and holiness

arrow pointing rightIs Haiti near Hawaii? . . .Is your message the same overseas? . . . Have you ever been to a voodoo ceremony? . . . . [ more ]

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