Successful Faith Promise Conventions and Missions Conferences

Missions conference ideas: Raising prayer support and money for missions

"Faith that is not generous is not genuine!" -- anonymous

Question from Pastor Ron: Do you have any guidelines for successful local church Faith Promise presentations?

Three elements typify the planning behind successful Faith Promise Conventions and Missions Conferences:

  1. Advance publicity and information. Get your Faith Promise weekend off to a running start by ensuring people are aware that your missions conference is coming. Give people the opportunity to answer questions about Faith Promise / Missions Giving ahead of time. What to do for advance publicity:
  2. Involvement of lots of people. Faith Promise events seem to go better when lots of people have "ownership" of them. People feel ownership of something when they are personally involved. Ways of involving people:
  3. Building on year-long missions emphases. Faith Promise programs work well in churches where world evangelism is an ongoing theme (sermons, for instance, on "how God wants us to give" from 2 Corinthians 9). If the Faith Promise convention or Missions Conference weekend is the only time people in a church hear about their global outreach responsibility, they usually don't embrace it well. [ more info ]

Need decorating stuff for a Faith Promise banquet?

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men's tie with world flagsFlags from around the world tie

Wear a silk tie with images of flags of countries from around the world.

Faith Promise innovator

Oswald J. Smith (1889-1986) was a Canadian pastor and evangelist who enthusiastically supported world missions. Although he pastored congregations in Chicago and Los Angeles he is best known as the founding pastor of The Peoples' Church, a large congregation in greater Toronto. Smith's vision in Toronto was to raise up a church whose principal core value would be the spreading of the Good News of the gospel around the world. To that end, the historic vision statement of The Peoples' Church says, "Taking Christ to the Nations," a statement that is very close to the mission statement of the Church of the Nazarene: "Making Christlike disciples in the nations."

Early in his ministry, Smith was captivated by a missions fund-raising concept developed by A.B. Simpson, founder of the Christian and Missionary Alliance. Calling his idea "Faith Promise," Simpson wanted to move churches away from taking occasional big offerings for missions to getting people to commit to weekly or monthly gifts to World Evangelism. Oswald Smith took that concept to Peoples' Church and made that congregation into Exhibit "A" of what could be accomplished in one local church through such systematic giving to world evangelism.

Oswald Smith was also a poet, hymn lyricist, and author. Among his best-known songs are "The Glory of His Presence," "The Song of a Soul Set Free," and "Then Jesus Came."

"Why should anyone hear the gospel twice before everyone has heard it once?" is a question Oswald Smith often asked as he spoke of his passion for world evangelism. As he urged people to give money to missions he was fond of saying: "You must go or send a substitute." [ more missions slogans ].

Ideas for a faith promise sermon or even a sermon series on missions

Two Faith Promise poems

My thoughts as the Lord speaks to me

FAITH PROMISE -- you asked for. I'll give what I can,
     But I must make a living -- I'm only one man!

You know all the pressures that come upon me?
     The utilities and taxes and rent, don't you see?

Then there's clothing and food and up-keep on the car;
     As a father and husband, I must be "up-to-par."


These were my thoughts in church last Sunday,
     And I said, "No more than my tithe can I pay."

But then it seemed Jesus sat down beside me,
     And spoke ever so softly and helped me to see

The word Faith before Promise -- what a difference it made!
     It's believing He will supply the amount to be paid.

So I'll make that FAITH PROMISE, knowing He'll make a way
     I feel better already -- what a wonderful day!

   -- R. Eagle

Trottin' the Globe

Not for adventure,
Or fame

Faith Promise
Travels the world,

But the adventure
   of journeying
      with God
The treasure
   of God's
      love and mercy and grace

The fame
   of God's
      majesty and power and greatness

As churches
And schools
And clinics rise,

The treasure
Of God's kingdom
Is freely given
To all,

And hour by hour,
Day by day,
Month by month,
Year by year,

Faith Promise
Journeys on
Around the world.

All because
Of promises
And kept
By faith.

    -- Linda June Gifford, Shreveport, Louisiana

Faith Promise event inserts for Sunday bulletins (worship folders)

Need missions bulletin board ideas? Let these spark your creativity.

Our local church uses legal-size paper (8 1/2 by 14 inches) for Sunday morning worship bulletins or folders. Those sheets are folded to make three panels 8 1/2 by 4 5/8 inches.

Using materials from the global office of Nazarene Missions International, I created a series of missions informational inserts to fit into those bulletins. These could also be used as missions posters or even as starting points for missions bulletin boards.

Click on any image to open a full-sized PDF of that insert.

Faith Promise

Oswald Smith and Faith Promise Missions giving
through Faith Promise The pieces that make up Faith Promise Faith Promise advertisement Faith Promise graphic advertisement Faith Promise advertisement

    -- Howard Culbertson,

Sample Faith Promise commitment card

arrow pointing rightWhat does a Faith Promise commitment card look like? [ more ]

"I'm not sure we fully grasp how missional God's will always is." -- Lisa D., Northwest Nazarene University student

Afterword: Faith Promise Giving in a Nutshell

The system of Faith Promise giving to world missions is a unique approach that emphasizes trust in divine provision and individual commitment to supporting global outreach efforts. It operates on the principle of believers making a faith-driven promise, often beyond their perceived capacity, to contribute regularly to missionary endeavors.

Unlike traditional methods of fundraising, Faith Promise giving doesn't rely on specific budget allocations or predefined amounts. Instead, it encourages participants to rely on God's provision and step out in faith to fulfill their commitments. This system fosters a deep sense of personal involvement and spiritual growth as individuals partner with God in fulfilling the Great Commission. Through Faith Promise giving, believers become active participants in advancing the kingdom of God worldwide, supporting missionaries and cross-cultural ministries with sacrificial generosity and unwavering faith in God's provision.

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