Alabaster offerings: International building and property-purchase fund

Alabaster giving is the overflow of hearts filled with gratitude to God for the wonderful gift of His Son.
Alabaster offering boxes

Alabaster monies (the international building fund of the Church of the Nazarene) [ read more ] fund four projects every week.

How can I help?

  1. Give to Alabaster offerings. The combined participation by thousands of people in these September and February [ more info ] offerings is doing some awesome things.
  2. Pray for people who will be touched by your Alabaster offering gift.
  3. If you don't already have an Alabaster box or container, get one. Put it in a prominent place in your home or work place. If your church does not have boxes or containers available, make your own.
  4. Teach your children and youth about the Alabaster offering. Encourage them to participate.
  5. Do not allow your congregation to miss the blessings of Alabaster giving. Even if your church uses Faith Promise to enable people to participate in the various missions offerings, use the months of September and February to remind the congregation of how it is involved in construction projects around the world.

    Also, don't forget about those people who are not participating in Faith Promise. They need the opportunity to give to special missions offerings like Alabaster. After all, their need to give far exceeds the church's need to receive.

Believers around the world are praying that God will meet their needs for a building in which to worship, receive medical care or go to school.

We know God hears their prayers. We know that He will answer them. Could it be that He will answer them through you?

More on the Alabaster offering in Nazarene mission book Our Balanced Attack

"Giving up a want to meet a need"

NextElizabeth Vennum's idea to ask people to "give up a want to meet a need" gave birth to the Alabaster offering idea. [ read more ]

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