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"Sing to the Lord, you saints of His" -- Psalm 30:4

Have someone in your church that enjoys writing poerty. Get them to write a missions song for you using an existsing tune. Here are some examples of missions words set to familiar tunes. Some of these missionary song lyrics were floating around without an author's name attached. So, at this point, those are considered anonymous.

The poetry of some is not necessarily the greatest, but the message is the powerful one of a seeking God who asks us to be agents of reconciliation to all humanity.

  1. Tune: "Battle Hymn of the Republic" (From Quebec to Timbuktu)
  2. Tune: "Battle Hymn of the Republic" (We'll Prevail in Prayer)
  3. Tune: "Faith is the victory" (Holiness -- Our mission to the world)
  4. Tune: "He Keeps Me Singing" (Hear the Master Calling)
  5. Tune: "He Leadeth Me" (I Am a Debtor)
  6. Tune: "How Great Thou Art" (World Mission Hymn)
  7. Tune: "Jesus Loves Me" (Jesus Loves Them)
  8. Tune: "Jesus saves" (Holiness, Holiness))
  9. Tune: "Joy to the world" (Let's lift up Christ at home and abroad)
  10. Tune: "Joyful, joyful we adore thee" (Let's join hands to lift up Jesus)
  11. Tune: "O for a thousand tongues" (A missionary prayer)
  12. Tune: "The solid rock" (Let's lift up Christ at home, abroad)
  13. Tune: "What a friend" (Bridging cultures: that the world may know)
  14. Tune: "What a friend we have in Jesus" (What a Glorious global family)
  15. Tune: "When the roll is called up yonder" (Resurrection morning)
  16. Tune: "When we all get to heaven" (Go ye -- the commission; Holiness -- the message)
From Quebec to Timbuktu
(Tune: "Battle Hymn of the Republic")

From Alaska to Nebraska,
From New York to Mexico,
From Balboa to Samoa,
From Iraq to Idaho,
From Savannah to Havana,
From Quebec to Timbuktu,
We must tell all the children of the world.
We must tell them all of Jesus (3x)
We must tell all the children of the world.

We'll Prevail in Prayer
(Tune: "Battle Hymn of the Republic") [ Midi sound file ]

1. Our eyes have caught the vision
Of a world that's lost in sin,
And the precious gems for Jesus
We may help to gather in;
As we plead His loving promises
And thus the vict'ry win,
When we prevail in prayer.

Glory, glory, hallelujah!
Glory, glory, hallelujah!
Glory, glory, hallelujah!
We'll prevail in prayer.

2. Oh, haste the gospel message
Of salvation full and free
To each tribe and ev'ry nation
That doth wait across the sea.
Long and patiently they've waited;
Can't you hear their earnest plea?
Oh, now prevail in prayer.

3. When the hosts from all the nations
Stand before His great white throne,
And the kingdoms of this world
Become the kingdoms of His own;
They will help us sound the praises
Of the Lamb upon the throne,
For we prevailed in prayer.

Chorus (last stanza)
Glory, glory, hallelujah!
Glory, glory, hallelujah!
Glory, glory, hallelujah!
We'll shout the victory.
     -- words by Mrs. G. R. Warner

World Mission Hymn
(Tune: "How Great Thou Art") [ midi audio file ]

1. Oh when I think of all the many millions
Who do not know the sound of Thy sweet name;
Who do not know the miracle of Calvary,
Who cannot yet Thy great salvation claim.

Then cries my soul "Oh, teach me how to pray!
Until they know how great Thou art"
Then cries my soul "Oh, teach me how to pray
Until they know how great Thou art"

2. And when they know that Jesus died to save them,
And when they know that grace which He imparts;
When Jesus shines His love divine within them
When He transforms their sinful darkened hearts.

Then they shall sing, "My Savior God to Thee,
How great Thou art! How great Thou art!"
Then they shall sing, "My Savior God to Thee,
How great Thou art! How great Thou art!"

3. Oh, joy to be part of this proclamation,
To send the news: He knows, He loves, He cares;
Lord, may I then In humble dedication,
Renew my faith, my love, my zeal to Thee.

Then cries my heart, "Oh, teach me, Lord, to care
Until they know how great Thou art"
Then cries my heart, "Oh, teach me, Lord, to care
Until they know how great Thou art"

Jesus Loves Them
(Tune: "Jesus Loves Me") [ midi audio file ]

1. Jesus loves me, this is true,
But He loves the whole world too,
And this is His last command:
"Take my Gospel to each land."

2. Even tho' we're children small,
We can help Him one and all,
With our money and with prayer
Send the Gospel everywhere.

3. Little ones to Him belong
To my Savior big and strong.
Help me, Lord, your love to share
With lost children everywhere.

4. The missions offering is one way
Our debt of love we can repay.
Every one can have a part
With a love-gift from the heart.


Yes, Jesus loves them, (3x)
The children of the world

Holiness -- Our Mission to the World
(Tune: "Faith is the Victory") [ midi audio file ]

1. Before our Lord returned to heav'n.
He said that we should go and make disciples of all men
While here on earth below.
He said that we should tell them of His love and saving grace,
And that He died to take away the sin of Adam's race.


Yes, it is Holiness
Yes, it is Holiness
Yes, it is Holiness
Our mission to the world.

2. Christ said that we should give ourselves,
Surrender ev'rything.
Then He'd accept our sacrifice, and be our Lord and King.
Then He'd remove our inbred sin and
Cleanse and purify;
The sinful heart of every man He'd fully sanctify.

3. Christ said that when we've yielded all,
Are cleansed from ev'ry sin,
The Holy Ghost would baptize us and fill our hearts within.
And then this blessed Comforter
Would dwell with us for aye, and give our souls the second rest He's promised for today.
     -- words by Wes Eby

Hear the Master Calling
(Tune: "He Keeps Me Singing")

1. Hear the Master calling, "Come and reap;
See the harvest field is white.
Hasten ere the precious grain be lost;
Labor ye, for soon 'tis night."

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus,
May we hear Thy cry;
Labor without ceasing,
Ere the teeming millions die!

2. Desperate the need, oh, linger not;
Jesus calls to you today;
Precious souls for whom the Savior died
Will be lost if you delay.

3. Lord, we hear Thy cry and answer Thee,
Send us where Thou wilt, we pray;
Fill us with Thy Spirit's love and faith;
Help us do Thy will today.
     -- words by Bessie Johnson

I Am a Debtor
(Tune: "He Leadeth Me") [ midi audio file ]

Christ loves them all, He died for all,
Will save all those who on Him call,
But they can't call unless they know,
So we, to all, our Christ must show.

I am a debtor to the world,
That gospel banners be unfurled,
In places far and places near,
For all to God are very dear.

When Jesus came in lowly birth,
When angels sang, "Peace on the earth;"
They joyful tidings did declare,
For all mankind, all everywhere.

Not all can go to far-off lands,
But each can hold up holy hands
In prayer for those in every place,
That all may know Christ's saving grace.
    -- words by Bessie Schram

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