Ministry, church and society

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"Christians have a source of water other than the world's poisoned well"
— Rodney Clapp (p. 98 of Peculiar People)

Cheryl and Doug Samples hold a hundred-year-old sign from the first Church of the Nazarene in Los Angeles, California

Resources for the course which Southern Nazarene University called "MCS"

"Christ loved the church and gave Himself up for her to make her holy" -- Ephesians 5:25-26

A course on putting your faith into action

MCS speaks to questions like:

MCS was a required General Education class. Its major components were:

  1. A look at some of the various worldviews of our pluralist society with an eye toward being able to clearly dialogue with others about evangelical Christianity
  2. Ecclesiology (a study of the church) including a strong encouragement to everyone to get involved in some kind of active ministry
  3. A look at assuring that everyone knows how to articulate their own Christian faith and the plan of salvation clearly.

The materials listed below reflect the sections of MCS as they were taught by Howard Culbertson.

Course syllabus

Course materials

What students have said about MCS

"It encouraged me to be other-focused instead of inward focused."
"It helped me understand the importance of ministry."
"It got me closer to the Lord."

External links

Christian Assessment Center
Two assessment tools from Regent University to help you measure levels of Christian virtue (based on Galatians 5 and Colossians 3) and your God-given gifts (based on Romans 12).
Cone of learning
Edgar Dale's research on how much we retain from various learning experiences after two weeks have gone by
Resources related to the "society" part of the course
Witnessing, personal evangelism
Resources related to the sharing-your-faith component of the "ministry" part of the course
Writing your testimony
Links to web sites with help on writing your testimony
Do's and Don'ts of witnessing
Most courses at SNU contain a writing component.
I expect students to produce written work that is focused, well developed, organized and relatively free of grammatical, punctuation, and spelling errors.
Papers falling short of this standard will not be graded. That work will be returned to the students for further revision and resubmission.
See my writing checklist.

Where can I do my service hours?

arrowWhat are the possibilities for getting in the required service hours? Check out the list of places where MCS students have recently given volunteer service. [ read more ]

SNU missions course materials and syllabi

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