Don't be underprepared

"People from every nation, tribe, people and language"
Rev. 7:9


"College graduates without significant cross-cultural experience will be underprepared for the global culture of the 21st century"

   - former SNU president Loren Gresham, Southern Nazarene University, Bethany, OK

As university president, Dr. Loren Gresham dreamed that significant numbers of SNU graduates would offer themselves for a year of volunteer missionary service following the "Mormon model."

After his junior year in college, at age twenty-one, William Cameron Townsend took a leave of absence from his academic life to spend a year selling Bibles and Scripture portions in Central America. That was 1917. That year became two which ultimately became a lifetime as Townsend went on to found Wycliffe Bible Translators. What does that mean for you? Well, a year or two of service overseas won't necessarily turn you into a career missionary. It will certainly give an opportuity for a global perspective to blossom in you, however.

Overcoming obstacles

What keeps you from offering yourself?

"What about my student loans?"

All our volunteers who have had loans have gotten payment deferred for their year overseas.

"Isn't this going to interrupt my movement toward fulfilling God's call to be a pastor?"

Districts have been counting the year of Mission Corps service toward ordination requirements. So, you are not losing any time at all.

"I'd rather go straight on to seminary."

NTS has worked out "field experience credit" for volunteers so they actually began their seminary experience by going to the mission field. That's caslled their 365m program.

"Where would I get the money?"

Friends, family and home church people love investing in young people willing to sacrifice a year of their lives. This is not about fund raising. It's about creating a network of prayer supporters who help pray in the resources.

"Where could I go?"

The Nazarene mission board has opportunities in countries around the world. The countries which have benefitted from SNU graduates who have gone for a year or more as Mission Corps volunteers include two Creative Access areas as well as couintries like Bulgaria, Croatia, Italy, Japan, and Macedonia.

"Paul had a vision of a man of acedonia standing and begging him, Come over to Macedonia and help us.'" Acts 16:9

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