Global evangelism / Communicating the Gospel in a pluralistic world

A 6-week online course taught for Nazarene Bible College students

"This class should be called Wake up to World Missions and Evangelism because it has made me feel as though I have just come out of a deep sleep." -- Rege C., NBC student

Course resources

Assignment instruction videos for this course

Course objectives

As a result of taking this course, students will be able to:

  1. Outline a biblical rationale and the theological imperative for world evangelization
  2. Identify and describe some key movements and individuals in the history of the global expansion of the Christian movement including those within one's own denomination
  3. Articulate some of the problems and skills involved in the complexities of communicating the gospel cross-culturally, taking into account insights from applied anthropology
  4. Give a biblical rationale for involvement in development and social change and outline ways the Church is involved at home and abroad.
  5. List some basic components necessary for local congregations to be involved in the missionary task of the Church.
  6. Explain the task yet to be accomplished and describe important trends and selected strategies being used in contemporary world mission outreach

"After everything I've learned in this class, I now feel prepared to emphasize the importance of global missions in my ministry. Growing up in the Nazarene church, I heard a lot about how important missions is, but not much about what to do if you're called to stay." -- Joy P., Nazarene Bible College student

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