Two sermon ideas assignment

Video assignment instructions plus a simplified grading rubric

Note: Actual student samples can be found on the Nazarene Bible College course web pages.

Simplified grading rubric to use as a checklist prior to submitting your work

  1. Was the assignment submitted on time? (by Sunday night of Week 1)
  2. Does the submission contain ideas for two separate sermons on ends-of-the-earth world evangelism?
  3. Did each sermon idea include all three items outlined in the instructions (scripture, title, thesis statement)?
  4. Is it evident that each of the sermons will be a clear call for some kind of involvement in ends-of-the-earth gospel proclamation?
  5. Is there a sense that the two sermon ideas were sparked by the Week 1 Reading and class discussions?
  6. Is the submission relatively free of grammar, spelling, punctuation and word usage mistakes?
  7. In terms of achieving assignment goals, is this work exceptional, excellent, good, acceptable, minimal or inadequate?

"I like the way the professor gives very clear instructions." -- José O., Nazrene Bible College student

Note: The course web pages on the official Nazarene Bible College site will contain expanded written instructions for this sermon ideas assignment.

-- Howard Culbertson,

A Sermon's Main Idea

The thesis of a sermon is often referred to as the "main idea," "central message," or "point of the sermon." It's the core concept or theme that the preacher aims to convey to the audience through the sermon. This thesis typically encapsulates the spiritual or moral lesson, biblical teaching, or practical application that the preacher wants people in the congregation to understand and apply to their lives.

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