Reporting on assigned reading

Global Evangelism assignment instructions video

How to do the weekly reading reports

"Many of the issues covered in the reading are relevant to us in our everyday life because of how diverse America is." -- Shane M., Nazarene Bible College student

Grading rubric for writing and submitting weekly reading reports

  1. Does the reflection have the required minimum number of words?
  2. Was it posted on time (by Wednesday night)?
  3. Is there a sense that ALL of the materials assigned to be read this week were read?
  4. Does the reflection show understanding of and interaction with the assigned readings (as opposed to being loosely associated comments that could have been written even if the material had not been read)?
  5. Does the submission move beyond basic summarizing to demonstrating critical-thinking skills (conceptualizing, applying, analyzing, synthesizing, and evaluating)
  6. Is the submission acceptable for college-level reflective writing?
  7. Is an end-of-the-chapter question from the textbook stated along with a substantive answer to that question?:
  8. Is the submission relatively free of proofreading, grammatical, and syntax errors?
  9. In terms of achieving assignment goals, is this reading reflection exceptional, excellent, good, acceptable, minimal, or inadequate?

Note: The course web pages on the official NBC site will contain expanded written instructions for the weekly reading reports

"The textbook equipped me with a lot more knowledge than I came in with. It also ignited a passion for world missions that I did not have before." -- Adam Wiid, Nazarene Bible College student

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    -- Howard Culbertson,

"This is a great course that opened my eyes to the struggles Christians face around the globe. It gave me an understanding of the real need for missionaries around the world. It's still hard to fathom that there are over two billion people who have not heard about Jesus." -- student on course evaluation

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