One-on-one, face-to-face missions mobilization attempt

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Simplified grading rubric for this writing assignment. Use it as a checklist before submitting your work to Scribe.

  1. Was the assignment submitted on time?
  2. Was this a report of an attempt to mobilize a specific individual to get involved in some way in ends-of-the-earth outreach (as opposed to local evangelistic endeavors)?
  3. Was the recruitment or mobilization done one-on-one?
  4. Does the report specify the date of the one-on-one encounter, the time it lasted, and how it was conducted (face-to-face or via Zoom or something similar)? Note: Doing this via email is not acceptable.
  5. Does the report meet minimum length requirements?
  6. Does the report summarize the conversation including an assessment of how it ended?
  7. Was the person specifically named rather than just being called "a guy in my church"?
  8. Is the report acceptable for college-level reflective writing?
  9. Is the submission relatively free of proofreading, grammatical and syntax errors?
  10. In terms of achieving assignment goals, is this work exceptional, excellent, good, acceptable, minimal or inadequate?

Note: The course web pages on the official Nazarene Bible College site contain expanded written instructions for this mobilization assignment.

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    -- Howard Culbertson,

"This is a great coarse that opened my eyes to the struggles Christians face around the globe. It gave me an understanding of the real need for missionaries around the world. It's still hard to fathom that there are over two billion people who have not heard about Jesus." -- student on course evaluation

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