NBC Online: Dealing with connection problems

Nazarene Bible College students are responsible for their computer setup and choice of Internet Service Provider (ISP).
  • Assistance for internet connectivity issues is available through the ISP's help desk at NBC
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  • When you you cannot connect to the Internet at your home, there are alternate places such as coffee shopts, libraries or even your workplace where you can get free Internet access
  • Nazarene Bible College is committed to making the online learning experience successful for you. To ensure this, here are the key technical requirements:

    1. You are responsible for your computer system and for choosing an Internet Service Provider (ISP).
    2. Should you have difficulty connecting to the Internet, contact the help desk of that Internet Provider for technical support.
    3. Should you have technical difficulties when an assignment is due, you are responsible to find an alternate way to submit your work.This could mean finding another computer to use at work, a friend's home, a public library, a local college or school, or even a business offering free Internet to its patrons. You may also be able to mail certain assignments or even print them, scan them or take a photo with your phone and send them that way. NOTE: In any event, when you are having difficulties submitting an assignment or reading the instructions online, call your instructor (Howard Culbertson's cell phone number -- 405-740-4140).

      To access NBC's programs from another computer, such as one at the public library or at your workplace, or on a friend's device, go to:
      NBC Online: http://online.nbc.edu

    4. If the NBC Online server is having technical difficulties when an assignment is due, use the alternative arrangements announced by your instructor (in Howard Culbertson's case, use his e-mail at SNU

    There are usually multiple options available for getting on the Internet fairly quickly if the service you normally use goes down. Such options include:

    Mobile phones can also be used connect to get online. They can even set up hot spots through which a laptop can connect to the Internet.

    cartoon drawing of talkative personWhat kind of online student are you? Do others think of you as Busy or Wordy or Disconnected Dan? Do you sometimes come off to others as Oblivious, Trite-ly or even End-times Edith? . . [ more ]

        -- Howard Culbertson,

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