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Assignment instruction video for the online Global Evangelism course at Nazarene Bible College

Note: The course web pages on the official NBC site will contain additional written instructions for calculating grades

"I absolutely love the fact that the professor takes the time to make videos. I felt more connected being able to see a face and have someone talking to me and not just through text." -- Alondra L., Nazarene Bible College student

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Incomplete work: "I" grade

"Incomplete" course grades are not given automatically. The student must request that the professor file an official request with NBC stating what missing assignments will be made up by a date negotiated with the professor.

"Incomplete" coursework policy at Nazarene Bible College

"Incomplete ("I") indicates unfinished work at the end of a course due to extenuating circumstances. A student must request the "I" from the professor, justifying the reason for the request. When granted, an "I" grade must be removed during the following quarter or the grade automatically becomes an "F". Thus, an Incomplete grade incurred during the spring quarter must be removed by the beginning of the fall quarter."

An incomplete may only be given if the professor believes the missing work does not require the interaction of other students.

After a final grade has been submitted or an Incomplete ("I") has been automatically changed to an "F", a grade change may be made only if a computational or recording error is discovered.

-- Statement from the Office for Enrollment Services and Online Education, Nazarene Bible College

Afterword: How Useful are Grades?

Grades serve as a tool for evaluating student performance and providing feedback on their academic progress. By assigning grades, educators can communicate the level of mastery students have achieved in a particular subject or skill. Grades help students understand their strengths and weaknesses, motivating them to strive for improvement and excellence. Additionally, grades provide a standardized measure that allows for fair comparisons among students. They also assist teachers in identifying areas where additional support or instruction may be needed, enabling personalized learning experiences. Overall, grading plays a vital role in fostering accountability, motivation, and continuous improvement within the educational system.

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Note: The course web pages on the official Nazarene Bible College site will contain expanded written instructions for each of the assignments.

    -- Howard Culbertson,

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