Bible crossword puzzle: Gospels of Matthew and John

Sacred Scripture word puzzle on material in chapters 20 and 21 of Discovering the Bible, a textbook for Introduction to Biblical Literature

cover of Discovering the

Challenge: Can you solve this puzzle even if you do not have the book by Varughese?

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Bible reading for this assignment: Matthew 5-18 and John 1-21

See syllabus for Bible and textbook reading for this assignment

This crossword puzzle was created for use in the course Introduction to Biblical Literature. The words and clues come from the textbook Discovering the Bible: Story and Faith of the Biblical Communities edited by Alex Varughese and published by what is now The Foundry.

    -- Howard Culbertson,

Comparison of Matthew and John

The Gospels of Matthew and John offer distinct perspectives on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ within the New Testament. Matthew's Gospel, often regarded as the most Jewish of the four, emphasizes Jesus as the fulfillment of Old Testament prophecy, tracing his genealogy back to Abraham and highlighting his role as the Messiah. It presents Jesus as a teacher, focusing on his ethical teachings and the Sermon on the Mount. In contrast, John's Gospel is more theological and reflective, portraying Jesus as the divine Word made flesh. It emphasizes Jesus's deity and explores profound theological themes such as the concept of eternal life, the relationship between Jesus and the Father, and the significance of belief. While both Gospels narrate Jesus's ministry, miracles, death, and resurrection, they do so with distinct emphases and theological lenses, providing complementary perspectives.


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