Introduction to Missions

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Chapter 7, Discovering Missions

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1 Practices which replace those that are incompatible with Christianity
5 A word that is sometimes erroneously considered to be almost synonymous with "culture"
6 Categories of things that are components of every culture
7 The idea that all cultures are on a "progress" scale moving from backward to civilized
8 The 19th century Englishman whose definition of "culture" remains very usable
9 The meaning or significance which physical characteristics of an object, sound or custom communicate within a given context
10 The study of humanity
11 Using one's own culture as the standard by which to judge things in other cultures
13 How culture is communicated to young children
14 What Bob Sjogren says makes us think of us as "us" and them as "them."
16 Components of a culture which can bring the gospel into sharp focus for the people of that culture
17 The disorientation experienced when people move into an unfamiliar culture and have to cope with different patterns of life
2 What Samuel Zwemer said missionaries often experienced who had so "wedded their hearts" to the place where they served that when they returned "home," they felt homesick for the mission field
3 A ministry model in which one attempts to identify fully with the people that are being reached
4 The process by which adults learn new cultures
12 One good analogy of culture
15 The distinguishable characteristics of an object, sound or custom

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Based on material in book Discovering Missions by Charles Gailey and Howard Culbertson, published by Beacon Hill Press of Kansas City

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