Can you manage to survive in a foreign country and wind up correctly translating a verse of Scripture?

The Bwanda Fusa Challenge

A guide for reflecting on a delightful cross-cultural simulation game produced by the British office of Wycliffe Bible Translators

The Bwanda Fusa Challenge is a video game designed to teach you some cultural anthropology principles. This little game will help develop your critical-thinking skills in cross-cultural situations.

  1. On what bases did you begin to make decisions as you worked through the simulation?
  2. When you look back on this a month from now, how will your memory lead you to reflect on cultural anthropology?
  3. What cross-cultural issues did the game force you to face?
  4. What were some frustration points for you?
  5. In what ways did having you play this game help fulfill the course objectives?

Run "Bwanda Fusa Challenge"

Note: You can download the game download the game here

     -- Howard Culbertson

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