Missionary interview assignment: "I don't know what to ask!"

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Introduction to Christian Missions

Need to do your missionary interview assignment, but you don't know what to ask? Explore these areas.

  1. Biographical data: dates and places of missionary service, formal education, family, other pertinent background.
  2. What in your childhood prepared you for missionary service?
  3. How did you receive your missionary call?
  4. Were family/friends supportive?
  5. Who or what was most helpful in preparation times (book or person)?
  6. If the clock could be turned back, what changes (if any) would you want to make in your own personal preparation for service?
  7. Misconceptions which had to be overcome
  8. What do you perceive are your strengths in ministry
  9. What you see as your weak points in ministry
  10. What part of missionary work do you enjoy most?
  11. What parts of cross-cultural service would you like a chance to do differently?
  12. A humorous incident involving either the target language or culture
  13. Most embarrassing or humiliating moment in cross-cultural contact
  14. Greatest disappointment or disillusionment
  15. Most treasured memory?
  16. Specific ways life has been richer because of cross-cultural service?
  17. Favorite scripture passage that relates to experience
  18. Your own missionary hero or model
  19. Are there specific people in the target culture who have had a significant impact on you? If so, who and in what ways?
  20. Advice you would give to people headed for cross-cultural service

Your report can be written up as:

  1. Questions-and-answers
  2. A newspaper or magazine article
  3. Some personal reflections which were triggered by the interview

Before handing in your paper, check out the humorous writing checklist.

Deciding if you have a missions call

Click hereGod doesn't send e-mails, but He does call people to cross-cultural missionary service. How can you know if He is calling you? [ read more ]

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